The following changes have been made to our practice in response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Walk-in hours and Saturday hours are temporarily suspended until further notice.

  • All patients will be required to make an appointment.

  • Each patient should be accompanied by one healthy adult and no siblings.

  • All adults and children over 2 years old must wear a mask.

  • All patients should remain in their car when they arrive. Please call to let us know you are here. Someone will escort you directly to a room when one is available.

  • You will not be allowed in our office if you have traveled to any of the restricted states in the past 14 days. Please refer to the Travel Advisory for Visitors to Connecticut website.

  • If you feel uncomfortable having your child seen in our office, all of our physicians are available for consultation over the phone.

  • Patients requesting a sick appointment will be triaged by phone.
    • Any patient with potential COVID-19 related symptoms or a possible exposure will NOT be seen in our office.
    • In-office sick visits are at the sole discretion of our physicians.
    • If we are unable to see your child for an in-office visit, a telehealth visit will be scheduled with one of our physicians.
    • Telehealth visits will be billed to your insurance.

  • Unless it’s an emergency, patients with COVID-19-like symptoms should NOT go to the Emergency Room unless directed by your physician; the hospitals must be alerted prior to your arrival.

  • We are NOT doing COVID-19 testing in our office.

  • There are currently multiple outpatient community testing locations for COVID-19, please visit this website for further details: Community Health Center, Inc.

  • Additionally, all local hospitals are currently offering COVID-19 testing to those who meet criteria and have a physician’s order.

  • Please call our office if your child requires a COVID-19 test.

  • Please CLICK HERE for information on Connecticut State Department of Public Health’s Return to School Guidelines.

The safety of our patients, their families and our staff is our number one priority.  We want to minimize the exposure of sick patients to the rest of our community. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation.  Things you and your family can do to stay safe:

  1. Do not panic! Children pick up on your stress and hear things from their friends and on the news that can be scary. Stress can lower your immune system, so let’s all calm down. It is important to encourage healthy behaviors, like getting good rest, exercise, eating well and staying hydrated.

  2. Wash your hands! Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20-seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  3. Teach your kids good social hygiene – please cough/sneeze into your elbow.

  4. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines. We know it’s hard to keep your kids at home, separated from their friends, but please, no playdates, sleepovers or parties!

Please visit the Center for Disease Control, American Academy of Pediatrics or for more information.